Who is John Todora?

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

John Todora has worn many hats in his life – a real estate entrepreneur, restaurant, bar and club owner, radio talk show host, and even helped build America’s largest cabaret – but what the world is quickly finding out, is he saved his best hat for last. Interviewed on ESPN, the NBA Channel and the Today Show, featured in Playboy Magazine, and author of the critically acclaimed book Zero Correlation Investing, John has leveraged years of analytics to create The ScoreMetrics Method. In short, this method applies all his knowledge as a trader, inventor, entrepreneur and analyst into what some pundits are calling the most impressive trading system invented in decades.

To say John is a sports enthusiast is putting it mildly, but it makes what he does for a living even more intriguing. Imagine having one of the most advanced sports minds on the planet, only to make your fortune using the underlying data beneath the markets.

The incredible success John has found in sports trading provides a lifestyle many only dream about…travelling the world on a whim, enjoying the high life with beautiful women and fast cars, all facilitated by the discovery of how to use systems trading applied to the sports that have shaped all of our lives.

Today John applies his hard-earned success to an amazing program he developed for everyone here at Sports Trading Systems. The ScoreMetrics Method is blazing a new trail for traditional stock investors to find true asset diversification via sports trading. We can all benefit from John’s program, but perhaps we can also learn even more from his life experience. Luckily for us, John shares that too.