What Will the 2020 College Football Season Look Like?

While all of the major leagues in the US have either returned to play or are doing so in the very near future, the outlook for college football looks a little more bleak.

The 2020 NCAA Division I FBS season has a lot of question marks hovering around it as four of the five Power Five conferences have practically pulled out from playing against non-conference opponents.

What do we know about the upcoming season and how does this affect sports traders? Read on to find out.

How will the 2020 college football season be played?

The 2020 college football season is set to begin on August 29 and end on December 12. The playoffs are set to conclude with the National Championship game on January 11, 2021.

But while the schedules are tentatively in place, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused plenty of uncertainty in how exactly the season will be played.

In the latest major development, most of the Power Five conferences have decided against playing non-conference opponents this year in an attempt to mitigate the health risks that are related to travelling in playing games in the current environment.

Schools in the Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC will only play games against conference rivals in 2020, while the ACC will allow a single non-conference game against an opponent that’s located in the same state. Furthermore, the ACC is suspending the use of divisions for the upcoming season.

To make things even more complicated, some FCS conferences have postponed or cancelled their seasons.

All of these factors add a lot of uncertainty to the 2020 season and its schedule and many smaller football programs have lost all of the marquee matchups in their schedules, which will likely end up in big dents in their budgets for the year.

Odds to win the National Championship in 2020

For sports traders, this uncertainty makes the college football market hard to approach in 2020, especially when it comes to futures.

Currently, most of the win totals for teams are off the board. Many bookmakers have also pulled off National Championship odds, and any other type of futures markets where we currently don’t know how the season will actually pan out.

Most of the investments that have been made into these markets have already been voided and refunded to investors. The same goes for any bets made on games that have since been cancelled.

While many sportsbooks are not giving out National Championship odds – some still have them up. Let’s have a look at what Caesars was giving for the odds to win it all in 2020 (as of July 31):



Clemson Tigers


Ohio State Buckeyes


Alabama Crimson Tide


Georgia Bulldogs


Florida Gators


LSU Tigers


Oklahoma Sooners


Oregon Ducks


Notre Dame Fighting Irish


Texas Longhorns


Penn State Nittany Lions


Auburn Tigers


Texas A&M Aggies


Michigan Wolverines


Wisconsin Badgers


Oklahoma State Cowboys


USC Trojans


Miami Hurricanes


Washington State Cougars


Minnesota Golden Gophers


Within the top 20 candidates, Clemson and Ohio State are currently the most liked by bookmakers.

With all of the question marks surrounding the season, the ScoreMetrics Lab is currently not super excited about the college football futures market.

Where are the best sports trading opportunities in 2020?

With the NBA and MLB back in action, our sports trading systems are fully operational again. And with plenty of games on the calendar again, the opportunities in the market look exciting.

When we covered the return on the MLB season, this is what we concluded on the right approach to the market when there are lots of unknowns:

“In this unpredictable environment, two things that we constantly preach here at the ScoreMetrics Lab are as important as ever: Diversifying your investments and not tying too much of your capital to risky futures markets.

If you are executing multiple sports trading systems, you will be conducting tens or even hundreds of trades during a season. Disciplined bankroll management and careful unit allocation are key in making sure that the systems return sustainable profits, while throwing a big chunk of money relative to your overall investment bankroll on futures can easily wipe away those hard-earned dollars.”

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