Your weekend is about to get a LOT more exciting!

Whether you are looking to have a little more fun this weekend or dip your toe into the Sports Trading pool, the "Weekend Warrior" is a great place to start!

"I got my first micro trade alert on Friday and I hit for double my money. I thought that was good, but then Saturday and Sunday came 4 more alerts and 3 hit for huge returns. I finished up 420% on my money in 3 days! Call me a lifer now, I am all in. Thank you thank you thank you!"
Ian R.


John Todora is “The Sports Trader” and while he knows sports, even he doesn’t know everything. That is where his now infamous super computer and algorithms come into play. You see, The Sports Trader and his team find patterns in the Matrix that NO ONE on earth does and then uses his legendary sports common sense to come up with what we call our “A Grade” picks.

These are the exact same picks that make up his famous ScoreMetrics systems that you may have read about on all the big news websites, so it’s a great way to try his much talked about systems that are changing the landscape of professional sports wagering.

If you would have followed just one of models that John has created over the last ten years, you could have actually turned $4,200 into over 11 MILLION dollars in compounded returns in your pocket!  The best part? John can actually teach you how to you too can have an opportunity like this!

This isn’t gambling, this is data science turned up to 11 and then pumped up with steroids and it’s called “Sports Trading!”

Here are just a few of the most recent years of returns from his ScoreMetrics method of trading sports:

*Shortened season (62 games instead of 162 games) ** Covid season

The “Weekend Warrior” gives you all of my “A” grade sports picks for the weekend with nothing left secret. These picks have an extremely high percentage of winners and are the kind of picks that can make your weekends infinitely better.
BONUS: If you buy the Weekend Warrior today, you don’t just get the weekend, you get all the picks from all the sports, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

That is a long weekend of money making potential!

PLUS: As an added bonus for everyone that buys the Weekend Warrior today, you get a copy of John’s new book, The ScoreMetrics Secret, where he teaches you the exact science behind predictive sports analytics, how to build your own systems and how you too could have the opportunity to exponentially grow your wealth with Sports Trading. The book itself is a $99 value, but you get free access, when you try The Weekend Warrior!

And for everyone that signs up today for The Weekend Warrior, John will send you his new special report “How to Make Money from Sports Trading”! This is the same report that experts across the country are calling “revolutionary”. The report is on sale for $49 but, again, it’s free with your order today!

You get the picks, the book and the special report (that’s $250 in total value!), all for one amazing price of just $99!

But first: What is ScoreMetrics?

ScoreMetrics is not gambling, instead it is the most fun and exciting way to invest your money on the planet earth.

ScoreMetrics is a zero correlation investing system that has no connection to the stock market, forex, crypto or any other tradable commodity. When these other traditional markets have volatility, which is inevitable but sports lines are not affected by these movements in the market.

Quite simply, ScoreMetrics is designed to be the most fun you will ever have watching your money grow.

ScoreMetrics is successful because it is built on the same type of platform as the most successful trading systems in the world.

Each sports season monetizes 6 individual systems that work independently of each other and have built in stop losses and drawdowns that tell us exactly how much to invest on each micro trade, which is what we call a bet. It all sounds complicated, but with the alerts, we do all the work for you, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your investment grow!

The ScoreMetrics models are created using back tested historical data from the past 10-12 years to find patterns in the sports matrix that have winning percentages of at least 60% or more and a unit allocation system that allows us to leverage every $1 invested into a $1.50 in investment capital.

All of these things are done to take the gamble out of gambling, and give us a solid system-based approach that is taking the world of sports gambling by storm.

Alerts are sent via email at least one hour (usually more) before all game times, with unit allocations and free additional advice along the way.

VIP Alert members also get free seminars and continuing education and, while John normally charge upwards of $5,000 for private seminars, he offers the group seminars free to anyone who has purchased a VIP package.

Right now ScoreMetrics is available for baseball (MLB), basketball (a combination of NCAA and NBA) and Football (a combination of NFL and NCAA).

So now it’s time for you to dip your toe into the waters of “Sports Trading” and see what all the fuss is about.

Let’s do this! Buy your weekend warrior now!

"I learned about Sports Trading from a friend of mine last year. I had my doubts, but turning $10,000 into $62,000 in one year made me a forever believer. Thanks John!"
Dan D.
Pittsburgh PA
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