The Sports Trader: Q&A #7

Every once in a while I like to ask you guys to send in questions so I can answer them in the newsletter.

I realize that a lot of you have some of the same questions, and with so many VIP members and Training Camp students this is the best place for us to all learn together.

In doing so, I never print anyone’s name because, while every one of my members is a superstar in my eyes, it’s not as important who asked it as it is important that everyone shares in the answers.

Let’s fire out some of the most recent questions I have received, and hopefully this answers questions that a lot of you had.

Q: Isn’t covid-19 changing the non correlation of the sports market to all markets?

A: No, not at all.

When we talk about correlation, we talk about the chance that the value of your investment could be changed by circumstances that have no direct connection to what you are invested in.

For example; an airline suddenly becomes less profitable because there is an oil shortage and the price skyrockets.

The airline didn’t run their business poorly, but their bottom line was affected by outside market volatility.

Or, using an example that is closer to my own personal situation in the past; you have invested in the stock market, but when the housing market crashes it forces people to liquidate stocks to cover sudden changes in mortgage payments etc.

Doing so starts a domino effect that hurts the value of XYZ stock.

We also have to keep in mind exactly how we trade and what our investment means when we talk about Sports Trading.

When we start any seasonal market, we invest 100 units. What those units represent is up to you. It could be $500, $1,000, $10,000 or even $100,000.

But unlike traditional investing, in Sports Trading, we never risk our entire investment on a trade, instead breaking our investments into 2, 4, or 6 units.

So, at any time during a tradeable season, we can safely go into a cash position, which makes us liquid at a moment’s notice.

When the lockdown hit, the sports markets closed. My basketball portfolio went into a cash position with NOTHING at risk. I could choose to wait it out, which I did, or take the money and move it to another investment.

It’s just another one of the amazing benefits of Sports Trading.

Q: Hello John, how is it going?
So, I am a brand new member to your system as well as new to sports betting. I love sports and never really thought about betting until I saw your webinar. Really exciting stuff you got going. I wanted to ask you for your recommendation of the best sport betting site(s) to sign up and follow your strategies.

A: As of right now I am not recommending specific sites or apps to use, mainly because what you can use varies from state to state. But I am currently creating a database of sites that are in play across the country and reaching out to each site to see what the best deal I can set up for my VIP members is. Keep your eyes posted for this info that is coming soon!

Q: Hi John, I’m really looking forward to learning about your system. I’m from the UK, over here there is no tax on gambling does this apply to your systems?

A: Whatever the local laws of your state or country are for sports gamblng would apply to the ScoreMetrics system. To my knowledge, the information you shared with us is correct, and if you live in the UK you are super lucky because of it.

Who wouldn’t want to make tax free revenue??

Q: Hi, I joined your VIP alerts a few weeks ago and have been loving the service. I do have one question though? How long does it take you to answer these emails? I mean, if I have a question I might need it answered fast.

A: This one made my head spin, but I love when someone is prepared.

All emails are filtered through our customer service center, and we have a customer service manager who does constant audits to make sure everyone is answered in a timely manner.

In the case that an email needs my personal attention, you can almost always expect an answer within 24 hours, unless I am traveling.

But if you are asking a question about support, make sure you ask it in the “contact” area so that it gets filtered to the proper area. Here is the proper email to reach out to for support:

Q: Hi John. I saw your last webinar and saw you talking about how Sports Trading has given you such an amazing lifestyle. So, who has more money; you or the Rock?

A: Ouch. Are you trying to hurt my feelings?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the biggest movie stars in the world today, he owns part of a tequila company and a sports clothing and shoe company, and he just bought the XFL Football League for $15 Million Dollars. It has also been reported that he is worth almost $400 Million bucks.

I do pretty good. I am happy. But it’s no contest. The Rock wins again.

Q: What is the best strategy for finding the best odds? You are always saying that the best lines pay the most, so I know it’s important. What is your secret?

A: Patience.

If a game is on my watch list, I check the lines throughout the day to see if there is a lot of movement and then chart which way the movement is actually going.

For example, if I see a line moving in a direction where I might make less money, I tend to jump on the odds I see earlier. If they are trending in a direction that could make me more? I wait it out.

It’s really about learning these markets and understanding the flow of what you are watching. It takes time, but the work truly pays off big $.

Until next time,

Remember: You can’t be part of the 1% if you are thinking like the other 99%…

John Todora
The Sports Trader

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