The Sports Trader Podcast is here

Hey there guys and gals,

Hoping everyone is having a great week so far and staying healthy and stress free.

Things are getting back to normal over here in Asia. In Thailand we have not had a domestic case of Covid in seven weeks or so, at least that is what the government says. I guess ignorance is bliss, and most people seem pretty happy here, so something is working.

As far as trading is going, it’s been a slow week for alerts. It happens during the baseball market because teams play each other for 3 or 4 game stretches, which leads to either a ton of alerts or not many at all during a week.

Looking over the algorithms, it looks like the next ten days should be pretty active though, so if you are part of the VIP alerts, hang on tight and keep checking your emails.

Also, keep an eye out for emails next week because we are going to be announcing a really fun webinar in the next two weeks that I will be inviting you all to attend. No charge and nothing to sell, just have a few nuggets of information I would love to share with you guys, in person.

If we get a nice group attending we will do this often, so make sure you guys all show up for the first one.

Details coming this Tuesday!

BTW, I have something really cool you might want to listen to. I just started a Sports Trader podcast that I will be doing a few days a week. In the Podcast, we will be talking about Sports Trading, investing, travel and anything else we want to.

Should be fun and, hopefully, educational for you as well. You can listen to he first show by clicking HERE or by pasting this address in your browser.

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