The Sports Trader Newsletter, August 11th

Hey there Sports Traders,

A crazy week in sports trading, so let’s get right to it.

It’s time to share a few stories of people who just gamble their money away, and these stories come from what could be the hardest sport to backtest data in: Golf.

If Dustin Johnson could have taken home his second major championship on Sunday, one New Jersey bettor would have won nearly a million bucks.

According to my sources, DraftKings took a $350,000 bet on Johnson at +275 odds Sunday morning, which would have profited $962,500 (274.8% ROI).

It was the biggest golf wager the sportsbook has ever taken, and it very well could be the biggest wager ever on a golf match, and according to what I have been told, the wager was placed simply because the better thought that Johnson had the best odds to win (he did).

But surprisingly, Johnson was not the golfer who had the largest share of the attention at the sportsbooks.

That title went to Koepka, who got an incredible 15% of DraftKings’ handle at 11-1 odds!

That means that Koepka got 15% of the total money bet for the day. That’s a lot, and it also shows how little thought is put into these bets and how these are just bets and not investments.

But sometimes even a squirrel gets a nut.

According to Scott Ghertner, executive director of PR (with entertainment and sports) at MGM, the biggest bet made on the PGA Championship was before the final round on Collin Morikawa.

It was a $4,000 wager that also came in at 11-to-1 odds, paying out an amazing $44,000!

That was the largest payout BetMGM made on the tournament.

Now, I share this with you to really put an exclamation point on what we always teach.

This is NOT the way to invest your money! This would be like putting $350,000 on a stock because you like the color of their logo.

Golf is a fun, yet frustrating game to play, but it is also a relaxing game to watch on TV or attend live.

But golf is not a market you can invest in because the backtesting of these events has no weight on the results.

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