Investor and Entrepreneur John Todora, once buried and left financially dead by the 2008 crash, picked himself up from the ashes and set his sights on creating a methodology that was truly a zero correlation investment. His 10 year journey cost him thousands of hours of time and tremendous capital investment on research and development to find the solution he was looking for.

In his search he landed on markets that could not be affected by a new POTUS, greedy bankers, a trade war or the cost of gasoline. What he found was a secret market that had been there all along, but overlooked by just about every traditional investor.


And with this revelation came the creation of ScoreMetrics.

So what is this ScoreMetrics thing?

Quite simply; in ScoreMetrics John found an opportunity to increase his wealth while diversifying his investment funds into a non-correlated market that is literally untouchable by economic downturns.

Put another way, with ScoreMetrics he created a highly advanced method of using sports analytics and historically backtested data to develop diverse systems that allow him to use the data from sporting events as an investment market that has zero correlation to any of the other markets a typical investor trades.

ScoreMetrics is not gambling on your favorite team or trying to predict if the star of the team is ready to have a huge game tonight.

It’s nothing like that at all.

ScoreMetrics is sports investing and perhaps, the most intriguing part is that methodology like this has been used by the most successful investors in the stock market for over 100 years, but in sports, this type of trader’s approach is completely new!

This is so advanced and, up until now so secret, that there might only be a handful of people around the world that were even aware of its existence. With the legalization of sports wagering across the US, there has never been a better time than now to release the ScoreMetrics Systems to the public.

With the ScoreMetrics Systems, sports hits all the marks – frequent trading opportunity, market data and analytics through the wazoo, liquidity, and now legality and access like never before. But the best part…and this is the part we really love…is that the winner of the Mets vs Dodgers game is not determined by Trump’s dealings with China, the Fed’s next rate cut or Tesla’s latest earnings announcement.

Here’s something our VIP Members already know…

Our investing models show staggering ROI’s

173% during baseball season and 168% during football season last year alone!

If you have always invested based on data…fundamental and technical information that leads you to a conclusion about which side to take and which market or project to invest in, or if you have spent hours upon hours trying to find the trends, countertrends, and the fundamental indicators that tell you when to buy and at what price to buy at, you will undoubtedly appreciate the ScoreMetrics methodology.

We trade sports just like stocks.

However, unlike stocks, this investment is protected against the next crash!

With success came growth and John has even hired a team that helps him source the data he needs for ScoreMetrics. They are now part of the ScoreMetrics Lab, a crack research and analytics team hand picked by him. The team dives deep into endless data to discover patterns sometimes weeks in advance. Any pattern that does not meet ScoreMetrics backtested criteria is tossed and the ones that do meet it, go into our portfolio. John then applies his proprietary money management approach to the trades to manage risk and leverage higher performing trades.

It has been over a decade since the last big market crash, which destroyed billions of dollars in asset value in stocks, commodities, real estate and more. The crash was as bad as it was, in part, because the investing masses didn’t assess the correlation risk of their investments.


Zero correlation doesn’t exist in your traditional stock account

However, it does exist in sports, and you can apply the same logical approaches you have used in your traditional investments to this newly legalized frontier for traders.

Mr. Todora now resides as the head trader at Sports Trading Systems as well as manages the ScoreMetrics portfolio of systems. John’s hot-off-the-presses book, Zero Correlation Investing – The Score Metrics Secret explains everything about his methodology along with some incredible life lessons from John himself.

Are you ready for ScoreMetrics to change your life? Get the book now and start your own financial revolution!

In March 2020 Sports Trading Systems will open a limited number of VIP Premium ScoreMetrics Memberships to the public. This white glove service is designed to take the thousands of hours of research (and the guesswork) out of the equation and provide the systems (in detail) John will use for the upcoming baseball season. Members will receive alerts in real-time, giving privileged access to the entire ScoreMetrics portfolio for the lucky few that make it into the 2020 membership club.

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For those that want to get a taste of the premium services on offer here at STS, you can get one of John’s best performing systems for basketball right now. This system, aptly named Dino vs Goliath, has been backtested for 10 years without a single losing year and is having a phenomenal season thus far. If you missed your chance to join the limited access VIP Premium Membership, then this is a great way to learn what ScoreMetrics is all about with a high performing system discovered by the geniuses in the ScoreMetrics Lab and hand-picked by John for the portfolio.

Discover The Dino vs Goliath Basketball System

Whether you get the book, the VIP Membership or the basketball system taster, you can begin your journey with Sports Trading Systems knowing you have the R&D expertise of our ScoreMetrics Lab, and the one and only John Todora to guide you on the path to true asset diversification.