Sports Trader Newsletter: September 22nd

Hi there Sports Trading fans!

What an exciting time we have had the last few weeks in the ScoreMetrics Lab. With the MLB winding down, the NBA playoffs heating up, and the NFL seasonal market just starting, we have so much going on that it’s insane.

But fun at the same time.

The Sports Trading World

I am proud to report that, as baseball winds down it’s shortened season, we are on pace for yet another profitable seasonal market. While not as high as recent years, we were able to take ⅓ of the opportunities (because of the extremely shortened season) and turn them into what we are projecting to be a 60% ROI by season’s end. That projects to almost 180% on a full season, which is a really amazing investment.  

This is following up our +170% return from the basketball seasonal market. Imagine if someone like me had put $100k into a market like that and turned it into $270k.  =)

Now, football is in high gear, and we are already showing profits in that genre with a 3-1 record so far and one huge underdog we nailed last week. When our algorithms are working like this, I can just feel the power of Sports Trading with ScoreMetrics.  

When we make profit from this Football market, it will mark 11 straight years of profitable models in all three markets. That is the power and consistency of Sports Trading!

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Life in general

I get a ton of questions throughout the week, and, strangely enough, one of the questions I get the most is “how is Coronavirus in Thailand”.

For those of you that are new readers, I have a Penthouse on the Bay of Thailand and normally spend the majority of my year either here, traveling through Asia, or in Miami and Vegas. But, as circumstances have it, I am currently in Thailand and… kinda stuck here.

The good news is that there does not seem to be much Covid 19 here, and, luckily, the government has done a pretty good job of just shutting down any travel into the country, for now. It has decimated a flouring tourist industry, but as bad as I feel for the locals, it is really nice for me.

Bars are open and mostly empty, so the service is great. People have time to talk and hand out those famous Thai smiles to everyone. It’s nice. The party scene has really dried up, but the relax, have a cocktail, and watch the world go by scene is still alive and kicking.

It’s different… A new normal.

I miss my family, of course, and I feel like I want to break out of this condo like it’s Alcatraz sometimes, but it appears a lot more stressful in other parts of the world, so each day I count my blessings and I remind you to do the same.

If you are reading this newsletter and you and your family are in good health, you are blessed.

Positive positions

I have always been a proponent of taking negative situations and turning them into positives, so I have done the same thing here.When we closed everything for a month here in Thailand I decided it was time to get healthy again, or at the very least, healthier.

So, I started a low carb lifestyle and worked out each day. At first it was 20 minutes, then 30 and now 40. Lost 35 pounds so far. Baby steps. I went from Morbidly Obese to just Obese. Maybe the next step will be portly or husky. Anyone else remember husky? Why isn’t that a thing anymore?

A new Sports Trader?

No, I am not retiring and, no, no one is coming in to take over for me, but I do have something big in the works and I really hope that all of you will support what is coming down the pipe.  

As much as I feel comfortable with my current income from Sports Trading, my entrepreneurial spirit just won’t stop. I look forward to sharing with you some incredible new news in the coming weeks and I truly hope it will be something that gets you excited!

For now, that wraps it up. For those of you that are VIP members, we will keep those winners coming and those ROI’s growing!

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