Sports Trader Newsletter: August 18th

Hey there boys and girls,

Time for another Sports Trader newsletter filled with a lot of cool stuff, including some BIG news for an upcoming free event.

But first, some random thoughts.

FollowingDraftKings earnings report last week, here’s a cool chart regarding each company’s market share in online U.S. sports betting:

Without a doubt, FanDuel and DraftKings are the undisputed leaders of the industry with a market share of almost 63% between the two of them. DraftKings is actually working in one extra state and still behind the people at FanDuel.

DraftKings is publicly traded and went on a wild ride earlier this year, quadrupling in price, while FanDuel is still working out their details to go public.

The age of sports gambling is here, and it’s going to become the biggest industry in the country in the next ten years.

Golf is for losers

In the last two weeks, bettors have placed bets of $350,000 and $500,000 respectively on different golfers.

Both lost.

I guarantee that neither bettor used backtested historical data in their decision to place those bets.

In other words, they’re gamblers, and gamblers lose big.

It is extremely interesting to see that people with that level of means think there is value in the sports trading business, but unfortunately, they don’t have the proper training to really maximize their profits. A week studying my book, Zero Correlation Investing – The ScoreMetrics Secret, and learning the rules of methodology of thetraining camp could have saved these guys close to millions bucks.

Big News

Next week, for the first time ever, I am going to be having a free training webinar that goes over the “5 things every beginning Sports Trader needs to know”.

Of course, you are invited to attend, and if you can make it, I have a few promises for you:

This is going to be a FREE webinar.

This is going to be totally worth it, and you WILL learn something.

I will be taking questions in the chat.

I won’t be selling anything.

It’s just time to dig in and learn how you can start making money in this industry, and it’s my job to teach you.

Keep looking at your email for the date of the webinar, and when you see it, reserve your seat ASAP!

Until next time…

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