Sports Trader – Michael Jordan is my kind of idiot

So with sports on hold for now, people around the world itching for a sports fix have been transfixed on the docu-series “The Last Dance” that has been playing on Sunday on ESPN (you can also watch it on Netflix, and I recommend it.  Good show).

In the last episode the great Micheal Jordan talked, in depth, about his gambling issues and touched on something I thought was really interesting.  So interesting, in fact, that I touch on it a few times in my book, “Zero Correlation Investing – The ScoreMetrics Secret” but something about seeing it live on screen was amazing.  

Micheal Jordan actually tells you why ScoreMetrics works.  

In an interview with Ahmad Rashād that was featured on the show, Jordan is asked about his legendary gambling problem and replies; “I don’t have a gambling problem, I have a competition problem.”

And there it was.  That easy and that simple.  

Guys like Jordan make us money. 

As I discuss in my book, I don’t claim to be a know it all swamee who can predict the future and therefore predict the winners and losers of each game.  They don’t even have that character in comic books because it’s not even possible to imagine.  The super power does not exist, no matter what the “experts” tell you.  

What we do in the ScoreMetics Lab is a combination of backtesting historical data to find patterns in the matrix of each sports market and calculate how real time spread adjustments affect those patterns.  We are data analysts who love sports but understand that in any business, data is king.  It’s the only proven way to make money.  

This makes hardcore players like Michael Jordan our friend because that “dumb” competitive money goes after the spontaneous thrill of being right. They chase after big wins and big fish stories.  They gamble with their hearts and with their balls, and you won’t find many people like that who have happy ending stories. They are always chasing their own money.  

I have never had to chase money in Sports Trading.  My models have never had a season where they lost money.  When I hear people like Jordan talk about the way they do things it drives me insane! 

They never understand that sports is a market, just like stocks or futures, and THAT is our advantage.  Do the research, learn about sports trading today.  Baseball season will start soon and football will be right behind it.  NONE of it will be affected by the economic downturn that is around the corner.  

Take the time to read my book and keep checking these emails.  Our education has just started, and I am excited to get this thing moving and make money again!!

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