Sports Trader breaking news: What is the Multiplier?

Hey guys,

A lot of really exciting and possibly incredibly lucrative news this week coming out of the ScoreMetrics Lab. And with the stock market starting to wobble, it could not come at a better time.

As you all know, the football market will be opening any day now, and we are super happy to announce our newest innovation in that market. It’s something that is really going to take this non correlated market and turbo charge it into another atmosphere.

After our recent summertime smash success in the basketball markets using our “Multiplier” system, the guys in the ScoreMetrics Lab took the last three months or so to test, retest and triple test our own “Multiplier” system for football, and the results are almost too good to be true.

So what is “The Multiplier”?

Well, this is a new and innovative way to take advantage of the power of Sports Trading AND the power of compounding mid market season to achieve gains that are off the charts.

The Football Multiplier –

In the last two years, this model has averaged 291.5% ROI

Has never seen a losing year

Has a high ROI of 437% and a low of 98% during this time

This is literally a million dollar system, because if you would have invested just $1,000 in this system ten years ago, and aggressively compounded your returns, you would have over $10,000,000 right now.

And the best news? This is only one of 6 systems we will be using in our Football VIP trade alerts this year.

Now is the time to start diversifying your investments and growing your wealth with Sports Trading! Let’s do this!

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