Sports Trader: Another day and another dollar….in the future.

Even though this Coronavirus has either shut or slowed down most economic avenues, smart businesses are preparing for when we all get to come out of this and how we can hit the ground running.  

The ScoreMetrics Lab is really no different. Writers and analysts are now working from their homes, but we are keeping our eyes on when, and how we will come out of this. Most importantly, we are working on how our systems will be modified to work with the limitations that a season like baseball will bring to us. First we need to find out if we will have a season at all.

In several reports, an official from an American League team said this week that he’s “100% sure” that,  in some form, a major-league season will be played this year. 

But getting from here to there, and what that looks like in the end is another matter.

Many concepts have been talked about: The possible desert biosphere/dome, the Arizona/Florida split, Arizona/Florida/Texas hubs, and as the USA Today detailed this week, an ambitious plan to play an intra-divisional schedule in all 30 markets with three 10-team divisions realigned geographically to limit travel, and at least two or three more unreported ideas are under discussion in the MLB office.

So what will it be and when will we know?  I am of the thinking that we will have an announcement in baseball in the next two weeks. I also expect the solution to be creative and controversial, which is good because it will bring out dumb money.  

Remember, dumb money is a lighting rod to what we do.

So what about the NBA? Well, it appears we are soon going to get some news on that front as well. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported last night that the NBA has a plan in place that would require around 15,000 tests to complete its season, if it is able to resume play. On a side note, Wojnarowski seems to know absolutely everything and is a good follow on Twitter. In the era of 24 hour news cycles that are often times wrong. Woj is rarely off and if he is, it’s not by much.

The NBA has said that, starting May 8th, teams will be able to begin having players work out at their facilities in very limited circumstances — with only four players being allowed in the building at one time, but not allowed to work out together, and only in locales where shelter-in-place orders have been lifted. I look forward to getting that market back up and running because the ScoreMetrics systems for the basketball markets were already up big and headed towards a record season.  

I will try my best to keep you guys updated as to what is going on, and we will also still be sending out tons of educational content that will not just entertain, but hopefully teach you guys a lot along the way. The end goal? That we all make money from Sports Trading in 2020.

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