Sports Trader: A lesson learned

Covid-19 is a joke

I don’t mean it’s not real, but it truly is. The thing about Covid that is a joke, is the amount of mistakes made in the handling of this virus on a global level. The good part for us, is that there is a lesson in all of this.  

I know, I know… How can there be a lesson in a terrible moment like this that we can apply to sports trading? Well it’s pretty simple. The quarantine was a gamble. Now, for the record, I don’t blame anyone who was involved in the decision. Someone had to make the hard choices, but in making those choices, they needed to do so with hardly any information. No backtested historical data, like we have on the common cold, the flu virus, or even AIDS.  

Instead, it was a shot in the dark based off of a few projections and anecdotal moments. It was a gamble, and it is something I talk about all the time in the world of business, investing, and sports trading. Do the research, find the patterns and information over a course of time, and then make smart decisions with your money.  

Unfortunately, they didn’t have those options available to them, but, as always, we will pull a bright and shining moment out of this and make it into a teachable moment for ourselves, even if it is just reinforcing what we already know.  

Another lesson

I was talking with the guys in the ScoreMetrics Lab the other day, and, of course, the conversation went to sports and business. Through a long discussion I was able to make a fairly compelling case as to why a great NFL coach is always a great lesson in how to be a successful entrepreneur. The similarities are really just so similar that it’s kinda scary. If you want to take a look at that video I am going to embed it right here for you to look at.

Baseball appears to be coming

Multiple outlets are reporting that a formal decision is going to be made this week to the players. Most experts agree that a year off would be a killer for the league, especially if word gets out that it is about money at a time like this. Hard to justify to 30 million unemployed people that you won’t go play baseball for $2 million when they can’t put food on the table. The players would have to make a compelling case that this is all about safety, but they already seemed to shoot their load on a public money gripe.  

The details are murky right now, but it seems that a condensed campaign would likely start in July, with an expanded playoff format. The proposal features a long list of safety protocols for both players and team personnel. Here are some notable components of the proposal approved by team owners and sent to the players union:

  • 82-game regional schedule, and a DH being used in both leagues
  • 30-man active rosters with an expanded 20-player taxi squad
  • 14 teams in the postseason with games played in home cities in the month of October
  • 50/50 revenue split for players and owners is now being changed to a deferred payment plan for some of their salaries

It should be interesting. With these details in mind we have almost finished the 2020 ScoreMetrics investment system for baseball, and we are really looking forward to sharing the details here shortly. It’s going to be a really interesting summer of making money!

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