Newsletter: Why Coronavirus makes John a winner!

Today’s newsletter is total vindication for me.  

What you are about to read is something that finally proves that I am as smart as my mom always said I was. 

So as just about everyone has heard, there is a little thing out there called the Coronvirus about to become a global pandemic. And as much as I always keep my newsletters light and fun, I touch on this tragedy because it really hammers home something that is so important that I can’t not bring it up.  

As the US stock market heads towards it’s worst week since 2008, I am sitting here laughing. I laugh at the politicians who are now all blaming each other. I laugh at the media, who’s overreaction is only causing a bigger sell off. And I laugh at the stress of the whole thing, because it doesn’t really affect me.  

Please indulge me while I brag for a moment. My most recent girlfriend is firecracker hot, but barely speaks English, so I have to get this off my chest.   

While I still have some traditional investments, I rely heavily on my ScoreMetrics, which is my system for investing in sports markets. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average goes into a free fall I don’t have the same feeling in my stomach as I had in 2008.  

Right now, Investors are freaking out worrying that the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the infectious disease that originated in Wuhan, China, late last year, will hurt global economies and supply chains if the illness isn’t contained. 

In contrary to those investors who are losing their minds right now, I spent about 20 minutes today checking the scores from last nights games.  (Having a killer Basketball season, by the way)  I much prefer this life.  =)

Sports trading isn’t correlated to any of this current nonsense, or to the risk of the possibility of a socialist president. So while CNN and FOX news are freaking everyone out for ratings, I am enjoying a vodka soda while typing this from my balcony overlooking the bay of Thailand. I could care less.  

The Basketball Season and “The Multiplier”

OMG am I crushing it this year in basketball!! I know. I am usually much more humble in my brags but this is shocking to even me. I really am so proud of the system development the guys in the ScoreMetrics Lab came up with for this season. Almost every system is having a record year and one system in particular is really making me smile. It’s our newest basketball system and it’s setting my account on fire right now.  

So, a little backstory; I am always blown away by how huge the gains are in this methodology when you compound from year to year, so this year, we decided to create something really interesting and we call it The Multiplier.  

The Multiplier is based off the premise that there are early season patterns and late season patterns. Once we can narrow those patterns down, we can create two trading seasons inside a system and then use the gains from the first system to compound into the second system, giving the second part of the season a chance to start with the same unit allocation % but a much larger bankroll.  

For example, if you would have started with a $1000 into the Multipliers early year system at the beginning of this basketball season, you would have already made $1664.20 in profit, an ROI of 166.42% (real analytics from this season). You would then take those profits, and reinvest them all into a second, late season system. So instead of funding that second system with $1000, you would start with $2664.20 and instead of using 2 units per trade, you would then use 5. You can do this because you are playing with compounded profits, putting the second system on steroids with no additional investment! Now, the second system just started to get alerts so I will keep you updated as we go on, but as of now, I am pumped!

Life in Thailand

So, as much as most of the world is kinda freaking out about this Coronavirus, it’s not really that big of a problem over here. For those of you that don’t know my story, I live in Asia for about half the year and travel back to the states and other destinations the rest of the year. I am currently about an hour or so outside of Bangkok. The Thai government was smart and shut down all incoming flights from China, so while tourism is down, there are no lines to get into anywhere I want to go. If you have never been out here, you really need to put it on your bucket list. I will take more photos soon and add it to one my newsletter if you guys want.  

Signing off and reminding you that if you want to be part of the 1%, you can’t think like the other 99%.  

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