Newsletter: Super thoughts and season wrap up for ScoreMetrics investors

So the Super Bowl is still fresh in everyone’s mind and as sad as it is to be leaving Football Season, I am happy to report that everyone who followed the ScoreMetrics VIP member alerts saw an ROI of 148% in just a few months. While we did not reach our goal of beating baseball season (176%), it was a great effort and I know my accounts are feeling the bloated burden of success. I actually can’t wait for next year!

It’s also another year of learning for us. We may be experts and pioneers in the game of Sports Investing but an investor who stops learning isn’t a very good one at all. After having a talk with the guys in the lab I truly think we can get that ROI up even higher next year. We just need to dive deeper and really get the best systems in play for myself and our VIP group. More importantly, as their leader I need to push them to deliver better numbers. I can’t wait to start hitting returns of 200% during football season!

I also had a great time this season traveling around and talking to some of the most famous stock traders in the country and discovered that a lot of our systems and techniques are eerily similar. So many of these guys are really nice people, including Roger Scott from Wealthpress.

Roger and I did a video together that we will be releasing soon and it’s really informative, as well as a fun talk. It’s long form conversation in the style of the old Larry King show, although I am still trying to figure out which one of us was Larry and which one was the other guy. =)

 I respect Roger because he has a wealth of knowledge about trading but didn’t hesitate to pick my brain and ask questions about what I was doing with ScoreMetrics.  Like a mentioned earlier, and investor or entrepreneur who stops learning is going to stop earning.  Roger has made millions so I love the fact that his brain is still going a mile a minute.  

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I watched the big game from Thailand, which is really weird. On the east coast the game comes on at 6:30 pm, but on IndoChina time the game comes on at 6:30 am.

My plan was to go out, get a nice dinner and then meet up with a girl I know named Beer to have a few cocktails and maybe bar hop a bit. I ended up trying some new Thai tequila (it was awful) and going back to her place and falling asleep, so I must admit that I watched the game exhausted, sightly hungover and with a stain on my shirt from the night before.

Didn’t stop me from enjoying the game and even making chicken wings at half time. Congrats to the KC Chiefs btw. They were the best team, that’s for sure.

2020 will be bringing in some new things that are sure to be exciting. We have plans to build out the ScoreMetrics lab team by 25% and, because of so many requests, we are going to start the long process of building a ScoreMetics portfolio of systems for Soccer.

Building one of our system portfolios can take up to 8 months (like Football did) and is intensive work. It’s nice to have a big team I can rely on to help me now. I remember the days of doing it all alone and I do not miss it. Tons of hours spent in front of spread sheets after countless hours of data mining. Having a team now has really allowed me to build the systems faster and test them a lot more than when I started. The difference shows on my investment balance sheet and in the emails I get from our VIP Members, that’s for sure.

Oh and btw, I am sure a lot of new people are reading this newsletter so welcome! We ran a small marketing campaign in January and somehow sold more books (Zero Correlation Investing – The Score Metrics Secret) in one month than we had sold in all the months before the campaign combined. It’s amazing how successful it was. I guess a lot of people are curious about this new thing, Sports Trading!

I have a bunch of new stuff coming up in the next few weeks including an announcement that will revolve around our new mailbag section that is coming up so stay tuned. Also, don’t miss this great new article by the ScoreMetrics Lab about investing in NFL Futures. It’s a good one.

Talk to you guys soon!

John Todora
Head Trader at Sports Trading Systems and Creator of the ScoreMetrics method of investing

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