Newsletter: John gets canceled!

Hi there guys,

I hope everyone is having a happy and, most importantly right now, a healthy week.

Today I want to start out talking about Sports Trading and the difference between what we do and what traditional investors do. Most importantly, the fact that while our market was temporarily closed, we were not affected in a negative way by the current circumstances. My own Sports Trading portfolio lost nothing except opportunity, while normal trading portfolios are taking a real beating. I got a message this week from a student of mine, and he told me that he is down 32% on his “diversified” portfolio the last few weeks. Total bloodbath out there.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I I love having this moment to continue to repeat that Sports Trading is truly a non correlated investing method and then brag about how we lost nothing because of this worldwide panic, but in truth, I really want this market to come back strong. While the markets dropping has affected me very minimally, I know too many people that will be feeling this financial slide for a long time.

Now, from my own perspective, the current NBA market had been good. My models were up 170+% in the basketball market, and I was gearing up for a huge baseball season, with a package of systems that I really thought were going to make my accounts really happy. And a full account is a happy one.

What happens next?

Well, if you have been following along here you know that I correctly predicted that the basketball market would close and then the other markets would be right behind them. It took baseball 3 days to follow suite. But the questions now is, when will they open back up so that we can start making money again?

I am going to go out a limb here and make another prediction. The NBA will resume business in early April and baseball will be right behind them, although I really think there is an outside chance that baseball starts before basketball. Playing in fresh air outside may make them feel safer about getting the games going. A limited spring training with no crowds could be in the future. Let’s see if I am right about what happens.

What have I been doing?

Well, again, as I mentioned last week, I was planning a trip and had to cancel. The plan was the go to Miami for a week for some fun in the sun, then swing up to Pittsburgh for some pasta with my mom, boogie out to Vegas with a lady friend for a week, and then head over to the Philippines for a few weeks to visit a few friends I have there and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Unfortunately all of that was canceled, and I just stayed in the Penthouse in Thailand for now. The panic here is not nearly as thick as it is around the globe, but we might get there soon. The government here is hard to really understand from a analysts position. Lots of random decisions, but hey, it’s their country and I am a guest. I am sure they will figure it out. But I am safe and lucky; my life hasn’t really changed that much. Had a condo party last night and everyone seemed to have fun. A few of us even went swimming in my pool after we all decided that the hot tub must kill Coronavirus. Good times.

Wrap up

Let me just clarify that I am not a Dr. I probably wasn’t ambitious enough to even begin to follow that path, although I have always enjoyed seeing people naked, while wearing a white coat. (Don’t judge)

I do however, have a super power, in that I possess a relatively large amount of common sense and a unique ability to find patterns in life that most don’t see. (Hence, my success in sports trading and other business ventures)

I am quiet and I observe for quite some time before I make decisions or conclusions, and once I see the path I make my move. Watching the media and my friends on Facebook the last few days, there are a lot of things I have noticed all while using my super powers.

What I noticed is that there is a lot of disinformation out there right now because our media can’t help but make everything about the Orange man who gives them so many ratings. Do yourself a favor and do the research. Be safe and not sorry. And take care of your loved ones during this time. It will all be over in the next few weeks and we can go back to what we think is normal.

I realize that sports is a big part of normal life for a lot of people, and that people are going to want to build up the funds they lost over this time so, if I could give you guys any advice over the next few weeks, it would be this; Get educated on Sports Trading by reading the articles from our ScoreMetrics Lab. If you’re a VIP member, read up on your courses I have provided and watch the tutorial videos a few times. When it comes back it’s going to come back big. Make sure you are ready!

Until next time

You can’t be part of the 1% if you think like the other 99%

John Todora

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