Newsletter: Is He Lucky? Or Is He Good?

Travel plans

Just before writing this I was looking for flights back to the states. In mid March I will be shooting a video at the Miami Marlins stadium and doing a speaking event in Miami. I will also be hanging out at a few of my favorite places in South Florida during that time, so if anyone is around, let me know and we can meet up and talk Sports Investing.

It should be a fun trip as I have not been back to states for about 4 months, and I have not been to Miami in about a year. These last 4 months I’ve spent a lot of time in Thailand, where I have a condo, and in the Philippines, where I have some friends I like to visit and a great party scene I like to partake in. Sometimes I miss home, but it’s strange things I miss. For example, I keep seeing these stupid Chipotle commercials when I watch American TV and they are talking about this rice bowl that looks so delicious. I mean, think of how ridiculous it is; I am in Asia and I can’t wait to get home and eat rice. Sometimes we want what we want. =)

Victories are sweet

Those of you who invested in my first product, the “Dino vs Goliath” course that taught you how to find trades for the back half of basketball, all I can say is; I told you so. Ok, that is bragging again. I really need to stop doing that in these newsletters, but I get so excited I can’t contain myself.

So far, Dino vs Goliath is up 70% for the year, an incredible return for 10 weeks. Now D vs G is only one system in our whole basketball package, and if you are learning more about the system or actually learning how to find trades of this system, you can do it by clicking here. It’s worth every penny.

So, while I am excited that this system did so well, the real question is how did ALL the systems do so far this season? Well, this is the part when I am really honest with you. We run 6 systems for each market (baseball, basketball and football, as of writing this) and while one of the basketball systems is at a 30+% loss, the rest of the systems are cooking with gas.

How much gas?

So far this year we are seeing returns of 110.8% with the second half of my multiplier system still working, along with 4 other systems still in play. If I had to take an educated guess, we should finish with gains of about 150%-160% for the entire season! It’s a super exciting time of year and, to tell you the truth, very few things make me happier than doubling my money so easily. Sports investing is the way of the future and it was a blessing of find for me and for those I have taught this methodology to.

By the way, for those of you that are shocked that I told you about a loss, don’t be.

Gamblers lie.

Investors tell the truth. I will always tell the truth here. Even about the losses.

An interesting email

Yesterday I got an interesting email from someone asking a pretty important question. The email was basically asking why I don’t use parlays in my ScoreMetrics system, noting that parlays having the highest returns, when they are successful.

The answer is really not that complicated. Sports investing is a market that is designed to profit from people who use a little bit of money to try to win a lot of it.

50% of all money earned by sports books is actually made through things called parlays. A parlay is a single wager in sports that involves two or more teams winning.

The allure of of the parlay has always been a much larger payout than choosing a single team to win. The larger payouts for a parlay make sense, since picking an individual team or total is difficult by itself. Trying to predict two or more teams to win changes those odds significantly away from your favor. In other words; once you do that, you are gambling.

This is why you often see sports books giving people great odds for parlays, because they realize the temptation is too sweet for some people.

So why don’t we have parlays built into the ScoreMetrics system? Well, quite simply, because we are not gambling, we are investing in a market. Instead, we recommend using a systems approach that uses backtested historical data to build our algorithms that find patterns we can take advantage of. A gambler would NEVER be happy with 110% returns over the course of a 3/4 of basketball season because gamblers either go broke, (most of the time) or hit big (very, very rarely). I always say gambling is for lazy thinkers that can’t plan their future properly. I would rather turn $50,000 into $100,000 during the course of a markets season than risk that $50k trying to take a shot at $200k, but that’s just me. I am old enough, and experienced enough in investing, to realize that “get rich quick” schemes aren’t real and never will be. That one guy you heard about that got lucky? That’s exactly what happened; he got lucky. I would rather be good than be lucky. I can count on good. =)

Until next time remember; if you want to be part of the 1% you can’t think like the other 99%.

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