Newsletter: A guy, a girl, and a Porsche

Hi guys,

Today I am going to share with you a funny story about a guy, a beautiful girl, and a black Porsche.  

Part 1

The guy in this story was me, and at the time of this story, I was living an amazing life. My job was a dream job. I was making mid 6 figures working about 25 hours week. I had a creative and fun work atmosphere that was probably the best you could hope for. My bosses, at the time, were cool as heck and they trusted me, giving me an unprecedented amount of freedom to do what I do best, which is finding unique paths to generate big revenue.    

Life was good. So good that I once went with my boss to look at a 911 Turbo that he had ordered at the Porsche dealership and ended up leaving with one myself. The salesman could see my swagger and eagerness to show off my life and, somehow, talked me into trading in my Lexus for a new car. It had been years since I drove a stick, so I figured out a way to negotiate the dealership allowing me to borrow one of their $95,000 cars for the night to see if I liked it.

They never even made me sign anything. Just handed me the keys and said “see you tomorrow”. I was so proud of myself (although I found out later that they do this for almost every customer). I decided to take the car out that night and see if I liked it, and on my way to my final destination, I decided to take a short cut. My girlfriend, Cristina, was with me, a 5 foot 7 Romanian blonde who used to be a model and ballet dancer. She really looked beautiful in that car (kinda miss her).

I have no idea why I took that short cut this particular evening actually, but it was a horrible idea. The brand new, world class sports car lost all power and came to a complete stop in the middle of one of the worst neighborhoods in Miami at 10:30pm.

So here I am, fat guy and in a suite, 100% humidity in the summer in Miami, in a terrible neighborhood, standing outside of a ridiculously expensive car. Sweating my ass off, I looked down at my phone to realize that, even though I thought it had been charging, my phone had gone dead (I still to this day think the phone shorted out the car somehow).  

I really thought I was in trouble as I noticed two not so scrupulous gentlemen walking towards me. “Yo man, you need some help?” one man said. Surely this was code for “We are about to rob you”, I thought. I quickly made a mental inventory of how much money I had in my wallet, trying to decide if it was worth fighting for and whispered to Cristina to lock her door. 

“Yeah man. My car just stopped working and I am two blocks away from where I need to be I said, starting to take my jacket off, sure that I was going to need the room to start swinging (I also took it off because I was sweating so bad). 

The taller of the two men looked at his friend and said “You get that side” and then looked at me and said “You drive.”

Stunned, I sat in that car and moved the wheel as these two street angels pushed Cristina and I two blocks to our final destination. She looked at me twice along the way and said “What is happening?” I had no real reply because I honestly had no clue.  

When we finally arrived at our destination, I tried to offer them money, but the big guy was kind of insulted. Laughing, he said, “Man, we didn’t do this for money. You looked like you were in the wrong neighborhood.” 

I never saw those guys again, but I always remember them when I am scared because I know that, no matter what you think is the worst case scenario, you are normally going to be ok.  

This has nothing to do with sports trading, and it’s not a silly way to try to get you to click a link to buy a book or one of my programs. 

So, why did I write this story today? Because I know a lot of people are scared out there right now. Your investments are at stake and some of you may be wondering when you will be going to work again, and I can feel that. All I can say to you is that everything is going to be ok. These are strange times for all of us. We worry about our friends and family, and I am sure we are worried about ourselves, too. That’s ok. It’s natural.  

I should have been robbed that night, but I wasn’t. I was saved because, as much as our media tells us different, there are some really good people in the world watching out for us. Take a deep breath and try to enjoy the time you have with your family or alone with your thoughts. In a few weeks you will wish you had this time again.  

This story also has a lot to do with what is going on right now, and on Friday I will tell you part 2 of the story and explain how I lost the car and the girl, but gained a lot more in return.

Until then, take care of yourself and your loved ones and relax. Everything will be ok.

Remember, in order to be part of the 1% you can’t think like the other 99%

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