Hello and welcome to the mailbag! This is your chance to reach out to John Todora, the creator of ScoreMetrics and our Head Trader at Sports Trading System, and ask him anything you want.

And we mean anything!

  • Ask him about his latest systems.
  • Ask him about his investment advice.
  • Ask him about his favorite sports team
  • Or ask him if he likes blondes or brunettes! =)

Or course John is an expert and a true pioneers in the field of Sports Investing, but he is also a renowned entrepreneur and investor who has led a very Forrest Gump-like life. With so many interesting stories it would take weeks to hear them all. (most of them seem to involve exotic locations, a bottle of tequila and beautiful women lol)

Send in your emails right here and let John answer your questions. We might learn something or we just might be blown away by what he says next.

To learn more about John and ScoreMetrics, check out his new book Zero Correlation Investing – The ScoreMetrics Secret