Four Sports Investing Trends for 2020

The landscape of sports betting in the US is evolving rapidly. With 21 states having already legalized sports wagering and many more exploring the possibility of doing so, we’re looking at a nascent legal market that shows a lot of promise for casual gamblers, sports books, and smart investors alike. 

Here at the ScoreMetrics Labs, we’ve previously written about the current state of sports gambling in the US and about insider trading laws coming to sports trading. In this special report, we’re taking a look at four major sports betting trends we expect to gain traction in 2020. We’ll also briefly talk about how these trends could benefit sports traders.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Live in-game betting becomes more popular

Live in-game betting has been extremely popular in Europe for years. With sports books receiving real-time data of the games and bettors now being able to wager from their mobile devices, it’s never been easier to make in-game bets. All of the big players in the US are releasing mobile applications and the number of in-game bets available is set to rise. Besides the ever-updating live odds for the moneyline, the spread and point total, bettors can put their money on things such as who scores the next points or which team will win the ongoing quarter, for example. 

In baseball especially, where the pace of the game is much slower compared to basketball or football, the leagues and the sports books are hoping that in-game bets will boost fan engagement. It can certainly make the game more interesting to follow when you have some money on the line during the next at-bat, whether you’re at the ballpark or watching from home.

Live in-game betting might provide some interesting opportunities for smart investors as well. The live changes in odds are mostly automated by algorithms that react to raw statistical data that might at times lack context from what’s actually happening in a game. Fast thinkers with a good system might be able to profit from these sorts of situations.

More individual player props

Individual player bets and props are set to become more popular and the selection of such bets offered by bookmakers will be more diverse. Now more than ever, fans are interested in their favorite star players (often over teams) and putting some money down on their performances makes the in-game experience more thrilling. 

Bets such as an over/under on how many points LeBron James will score, or whether or not Aaron Judge will hit a homerun in the Yankees’ next game will become more common. The advanced capabilities in data capture and analytics enable this market from the bookmaker’s point of view. 

Again, this trend might provide interesting opportunities for sharp investors. The public usually likes to bet on their favorites, whether it’s a team or a player, to score a lot and win, which affects the lines. A contrarian sports trading system could prove to be profitable for these types of investment opportunities.

The rise of e-sports wagering

E-sports have become hugely popular in recent years and that popularity is set to trend in sports betting as well. According to one estimate, the amount of money wagered worldwide in e-sports could reach up to $12.9 billion this year. With the global betting market estimated to be at a total of $250 billion wagered, that $12.9 billion might seem like a surprisingly significant chunk of the whole pot.

Games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, or Dota 2 might not ring the bell for an average sports fan right now, but e-sports look like a mainstream trend of the future. Hugely popular with younger crowds, the biggest e-sports tournaments of last year attracted millions of viewers and had payouts of tens of millions of dollars. It’s no wonder that the betting market in e-sports is heating up as well. 

A lot of the smart money probably hasn’t found its way to this new market yet. If you know the landscape of one or more of the popular games, testing out well-researched sports trading systems could prove to be very profitable here. 

US sports books go into aggressive customer acquisition mode

The legal sports gambling business is still finding its footing in the US and competition is ramping up. All of the big players will be trying to capture as much of the currently available sports betting market as they can, so expect to see a lot of marketing campaigns and sign-up deals for new customers. 

Leagues and teams are forming lucrative partnership deals with sports books, whose logos you’ll surely be seeing much more often from now on. The big bookmakers see new customer acquisition as the key objective for now – the focus on profitability will come later. 

From a sports trader’s standpoint, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have many options available and a few hundred extra dollars in your pocket from sign-up deals!


2020 is set to be a big year for legal sports betting in the US. The ScoreMetrics Labs will follow all of the developments in the field and keep you updated with the latest relevant news and trends for sports traders.

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