Christmas in July

I feel like a kid at Christmas time. That’s how much I missed sports; not just as a fan, but as an investor.

The crack of the bat.
The bounce of the ball.
The money filling up my accounts again.
Oh, how I missed sports!

And I am not alone.

Whether it is my friends, like Michael, the editor for, who has already done a few fantasy baseball drafts (his teams are stacked, by the way), or the people who follow the Sports Trader newsletter, many of whom have already purchased their MLB season pass before the masses could get a crack at it, everyone seems happy that it’s back.

For some, it’s just about getting some normalcy back to their lives. Sports are something you can turn on and just forget about protests, viruses and politics.

It’s something you can enjoy with friends and family, or alone if you choose to.

But most importantly, sports are a way for people like us to make money and start to build real wealth, outside of Wall Street.

For me, it’s a way of life.

I am proud to say that even in the shortened NBA season that I was able to pull in a 174% profit line this year, and after adjusting a few things for the 2020 baseball season, I think we can beat last year’s models, which could have made you an amazing 217% return on your money.

For those of you that have been following along throughout the year, you know that my methodology brought home a 74% ROI in one night for the NFL draft and a 99% ROI in one night of UFC fights earlier this year.

Now is your chance to ride the 2020 baseball season to massive profits by getting each one of the picks that my ScoreMetrics program finds, sent to your email throughout the entire baseball season.

On Friday this VIP product will be released to the public, and when it is, seats for the season will go fast. Today is the last time I send out this invitation to all of my followers so that they can get our pre-release prices and be a part of the team.

It’s time to take that opportunity to make some money, boys and girls.

Watch the interview I did and learn more about the Score Metrics VIP Service by clicking here.

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